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April 30, 2009

Warning! Your Balance May Appear Larger!

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Bank Fraud. Plain and simple if you ask me. That’s what it is.

Yesterday, I stopped at an ATM machine to get a balance inquiry and was told that I had over a thousand dollars. I innocently believed that since I keep extra money on hand routinely for things like insurance and outstanding checks I may have forgotten about. I went about my business purchasing my groceries from two stores — in one store, I had asked the cashier to help me find an item after I checked out the first time, which I then paid for separately for a total of three debit purchases totaling less than $200.

Imagine my shock when I later went online to my bank site to pay bills only to discover that the three purchases had racked up a whopping $90 in fees!!!!! I was furious! This also upsets me greatly when I consider that I also have a savings account which had more than enough to cover a dozen similar purchases.

Well, what do you think I did? I am a customer of the bank, which makes me their meal ticket — even if I don’t rack up ridiculous fees. I went straight over there this morning and demanded (as pleasantly as possible, of course) that they return the fees or I will remove ALL of my money from their bank. We are business owners, so this should mean something to them as my personal checking and savings are only the tip of the iceberg.

Ten minutes later, after the polite teller went into another room (where I am convinced they do some calculations to determine if they’d be better off with my business or my $90), I was politely informed that the fees would be refunded and warned that “ATM balances are exaggerated”. Exaggerated? For what?! So you can trick some poor unsuspecting soul into making a boatload of charges to their already drained account? Folks! I smell a rat!

I am going to be filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission today. I don’t know if they’ll do anything to help unwitting consumers, but, By Golly, they ought to! It’s outright fraud I tell you. Criminal fraud!


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